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Private meetings by arrangement, in person or phone/MSN/Skype. Read about private meetings below.

Awakening is sneaky

Awakening sneaked up on me. I was training as a yoga teacher in England and out of curiosity picked two books to read, «The Power of Now» by Eckhart Tolle and «I Am That» by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Reading «The Power of Now» a light came on inside, everything in the book seemed so obviously true, and so easy to access. I then began reading «I Am That» and in the first few pages a very deep chord was played. Afterwards, walking in the street, the incessant thinking spontaneously stopped, I was amazed. A few days later, in a moment of complete grace, I had a clear realization of what was real and what was illusion and all further questions became unnecessary. From that moment on the mind became quiet and took the back seat. A few weeks later I met Tony Parsons, only briefly but the affect was profound and over the next year it was Tony's words «there is no one» that came back to me over and over, anchoring my feet to the ground.

But awakening is a funny thing, it's never quite what you think it is. Even after the fact. For the longest time it seemed like the essential shift happened in a moment of realization. Now I see that the realization was just a moment of crystallization, the head finally got what the heart had always been yearning for, what it already knew, somehow, and I began to know the subtlety of the heart. What is called the shift is then the inner aligning to this, it's not a mental position that you can choose or not... that's always the surprising thing, it's like reality changes, every cell transformed. It's as though the room had been full of water before and someone came along and drained it ~ somehow everything is light, and clear.

Since that moment of transformation there has been a profound commitment to living this Truth and there's been a steady relaxing into it. Greater understanding comes and goes, but the real movement is to be more and more anchored. External situations less and less able to perturb that. Through all the understandings and mis-understandings, past all the novel and exalted experiences and beyond all the doubts and certainties and emotion. What always remains is the unassailable peace and stillness and the unchanging awareness that simply is.

In 2004 I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I met Moni, who had awakened through her association and friendship with Eckhart Tolle. The meeting was catalytic, there was a deep recognition between us and we both knew immediately that we had to teach together. And with great love, we have been doing that, traveling and teaching in N America and Europe ever since. It's hard to sum up what I feel my style is, there is a great love of simplicity, always trying to find the easiest way to explain, and a light-hearted humour that is never far from the surface. The teaching is influenced by Moni and Eckhart Tolle, and the uncompromising advaita of Nisargadatta and Tony Parsons for which I have a deep affinity. These teachings, which may sometimes appear contradictory on the surface, blend within me with no difficulty, and I feel it´s something of that blend that shines through.

Private Meetings

The cost for a one hour private meeting is usually $90 CAD. You will need to have a quiet space free of interruptions, and leave yourself time afterwards too, to digest the meeting ~ a lot can shift on the inside and it´s best to give that some gentle space.

I can meet in Spanish, but please make allowances... it´s my 2nd language!

The only reason to meet is awakening. Once this is clearly acknowledged everything falls into place and we can simply meet in a relaxed way, without preconceived notions of what should or should not happen. You don't need to come with a specific question or with a great story to tell, we'll just let whatever needs to come up come up, and see what it really is together. In my experience, you already have the key to the door... my job is simply to show you that you have it and point to the lock... and encourage you that all is well!

I'm here to support this opening that is already within you. And my intuition tells me that there should not be a need for many sessions ~ if we resonate together the (apparent) obstacles will reveal themselves and in that, they cease to be obstacles. If you need more than one session we can do it, even if you need a hundred... but let's aim to get right to the heart of it in the shortest possible time, once the door is open what's the point in further delay?

A Few (edited) Testimonials

Tomas Stubbs is the wakeful, clear Heart of Consciousness - gentle, strong and discerning with a generous dose of divine mischief. It is an honor to know him and a pleasure to sit with him! 
~ Pamela Wilson
It´s wonderful that you are traveling and spreading consciousness. 
~ Eckhart Tolle
Thank you for giving Moni and Tomas such a wonderful place to meet and making the connection for me. I love them both already but especially connected with Tomas. ... That smile of his, his joy, was contagious and I connected with it, got wonderfully lost in it. May we have many more opportunities. 
~ Darcie, Rochester
I really enjoyed the Satsang last weekend... I felt an entrainment towards you.. a deep pull. It was as if layers of something were been pulled away... The intense energy I felt swelling up inside me when Tomas looked into my eyes was beautiful. Thank you very much. 
~ Ronan, London
I have never received such a healing hug - such love is even now overwhelming when I relive the moment in my thoughts. And Tomas´ smile communicated warmth and oneness which will never be forgotten. 
~ Paula, Paris
Honestly, it was one of the deepest satsangs I´ve ever been to... Lots of pennies dropped. I am basking in the deliciousness that was revealed... Such love and gratefulness. 
~ Alison, Vancouver
It is a delight to know you, to sit in the silent depths with you, and to see my[true]self reflected in the high definition clarity of your pristine mirrors! 
~ Sterling, Texas
I love your writings. I don´t think I´ve ever read a writing about awakening that is quite so frank and un-mysterious sounding. Thank you for that. 
~ Vicky, Florida
I enjoyed so much the satsang we shared together... Tomas, it was such a pleasure being able to smile openly and lovingly toward you, and to be met with such openness and love through your eyes! 
~ Steve, Miami


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