Ego is a Vampire

Ego is a vampire, but not the way you think, not in a bad way.

Did you ever see the vampire films where the vampires get caught in the sunlight, and the sunlight burns them up? That's how ego is a vampire.

And like the vampire, ego sucks on the life's blood, lives from it and tries to take it and own it for itself. But that's just how it is, that's its make-up, it doesn't act out of evil intent. Same as the vampire only acts its nature.

I'm talking about imaginary vampires, don't worry. But then I'm talking about imaginary egos too, both products of over imagination.

In the clarity of the sunlight the vampire cannot survive, one tiny touch burns. At the approaching dawn it hides in the shadows, it's easy to find places where the sunlight can't reach.

But the sun is rising unrelentingly and the shadows are becoming short. A piece of cloak here, a wing or a tail, a finger and a toe, pretty soon the skin on the head and hand, a piece of a nose. Each hiding place becomes too small and another vampirish morsel is singeing away.

Vampires and egos can only live in the dark. Light is their nemesis, they can't stand up in it because they cannot survive in its presence.

And they don't survive in its presence, they never existed at all. Even the apparent darkness was only ever light, and what hid in the apparent shadows was nothing but a figment.


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