Presence by Osmosis

One of our dear new friends in Spain just sent me a very beautiful email, it's prompting me to post something about the effects of Presence on those around us. I'll add the original Spanish as a comment below, but here's the gist in English:

"I returned home after the Valencia satsangs very present. And after those days there was a change in my husband. He isn't a spiritual seeker, denies it all, but I think he is an obvious "no being". It's dificult to tell you what's happening. I can only tell you his words "I have been lost a long time and now I've come home".

My husband is a guitarist and what comes to me is to compare what happens with the strings of a guitar. When you play a string and make it vibrate, other strings sound too in sympathy without being played. He says I give him Peace, Stillness, Freedom,... I know that I did nothing to him, and then that I did it all....

What's happening is very beautiful. Gorgeous, as Moni would say. It really is a blessing.

We're hearing this kind of thing again and again. Someone who attends satsang all the time, perhaps for years, and is amazed to see it's the partner, or the kids, or even the dog that is waking up! I guess for some it is so gradual, recognizing the shift happening in themselves can seem the least obvious, much easier to see transformation in others. But when they stop and consider how they used to be, a year, two, five years ago, and then now... yes, there's been a huge change.

Presence is contagious. Presence emerging in you is noticed by Presence emerging in those around you... even inspite of themselves! It's very funny really. If there was any of the usual spiritual words we often hear in satsang, it would probably cause a reaction and a fight, but in the simple being together, like the log placed next to a burning log... Presence ignites and glows... just by osmosis.

And of course, how could it be otherwise. Presence wakes up everywhere at once, it isn't just in you. When you rest as Presence you become like an epicentre, an anchor point. Like the Universe is tacking itself down, like a tent in the wind. The first tack was very hard to place, but then each new tack makes the next easier and so on... until everywhere it's the same... Presence blazing. Ok, I know I'm mixing my metaphors again... :)


Patri said…
Regresé a casa tras el satsang de Valencia muy presente. Y al cabo de los días se produjo un cambio en mi marido. El no está en la búsqueda espiritual, lo niega todo, pero pienso que es un "no estar" aparente. Me resulta difícil contaros lo que está sucediendo. Lo único que puedo deciros es que sus palabras han sido: "He estado mucho tiempo perdido y ahora he regresado a casa".

Mi marido es guitarrista y se me ocurre comparar lo que sucede con las cuerdas de la guitarra. Cuando tocas una cuerda y la haces vibrar, otras suenan sin ser tocadas por "simpatía". Él dice que yo le doy Paz, Quietud, Libertad,... Yo sé que yo no he hecho nada, y al tiempo sé que lo he hecho todo...

Es muy hermoso lo que está sucediendo. Como diría Moni: Gorgeous. Es realmente una Bendición.
Carmy said…
many tears, much joy, much presence, much love, only One priority
Gari said…
Increible lo que cuentas.

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