conversation with a puff of smoke

puff of smoke says "I feel murky, I cannot see clearly"

clear space says "Yes, you are a puff of smoke"

puff of smoke says "Where are you, I heard your whisper?"

clear space says "I am here, I am all around"

puff of smoke says "Where are you, all I see is smoke?"

clear space says "Yes, you are a puff of smoke, but I am all around, I am everywhere"

puff of smoke says "I am looking for you. If you are everywhere why can I not see you?"

clear space says "You have to look past the surface appearance, I am not the smoke that you are, though I am in the smoke. I am beyond the smoke, look further."

puff of smoke says "I can see that I am smoke, and it seems that I can see a faint glimpse of you through the smoke, but it's fleeting, there's a lot of smoke in the way."

clear space says "Yes, you are a puff of smoke"

puff of smoke says "If you are everywhere, then you must be within me too, and yet I only see smoke"

clear space says "When you look through those smokey eyes everything you see looks a little like smoke, even that that is not smoke looks smokey."

puff of smoke says "Yes, it's smokey all around and it's smokey within me too. Where can I find you then, are you not in me?"

clear space says "You are a puff of smoke, I am not in you, you are in me!"

puff of smoke says "Oh yes, you are all around, I'm just a small puff of smoke and thought I was a big thing, but you are not limited to any thing"

clear space says "Yes, I am clear space, I am unlimited because I am not any particular thing, big or small"

puff of smoke says "I'd like to be like you"

clear space says "A puff of smoke can only be a puff of smoke, but you aren't really that, you can sense my nature as clear space and also witness yourself as a puff of smoke. To have this larger perspective you must be something that is able to also see the puff of smoke which is not the puff of smoke."

puff of smoke says "Yes, I get it. I'm aware that I am the puff of smoke and at the same time I'm not that, I'm something else which can sense itself both as the smoke and as the clear space."

clear space says "A puff of smoke is only here for a while, even as you get blown around, you are already dissipating"

puff of smoke says "Yes, I can see more, it's clearer, but I still feel like I'm the smoke. I'm concerned about feeling less solid, I'm frightened."

clear space says "You are a puff of smoke, you were never solid. Now that is passing, you are no longer mistaking yourself for the smoke."

ex-puff of smoke says "Yes, it's clear now, I am not the puff of smoke, in fact I never was."

clear space says "While you looked through the eyes of the smoke, you believed you were the smoke, all around was smokey and you believed you had to become clear"

ex-puff of smoke says "The smoke has gone now, yet I'm the same, I can see I was never the smoke, only I looked through the eyes of the smoke. Why did I ever believe I was the smoke?"

clear space says "You didn't. You were in the smoke, and while the smoke was here, it was the smoke that believed it was you."

ex-puff of smoke says "Yes, it all seems irrelevant now. When I was looking through the smoke's eyes I believed that there was a problem, that I had to see past being the smoke. Now I see I was never the smoke anyway, so the problem was a non-problem, an illusion. The questions fall away..."

clear space says "Mmmmm...."


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