the Juice

Ever noticed the life in Life? That which propels it, and gives it life... the juice. It's in all things, the very energy that keeps them in place, holds them.

Ever noticed the life in thoughts, the juice which propels them, and gives them life? The interest in the interest, the fascination in the fascination.

Not hard to notice the juice in emotion. It can seem like they have a bit too much juice, but did you ever notice it's the same juice in the bad as in the good emotions?

Ever noticed it's the same juice in all things, the life in Life is the same everywhere? The whole Universe is pumped up with it and plump!

Ever noticed the juice in the noticing? The life and love and intelligence which does that, it's doing it right now, and can't not do it. The juice can't be turned off, it's going into all things all the time, it's emanating.

It's here if you notice it or not, no need to do anything about it, nothing to be done about it. Enough to be silent for a moment and notice... feel... enjoy. Feeling the juice that is you, enjoying the luck to be that and to be able to know it and enjoy it.


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